Office Security Systems

DGA Protects Your Office
and Your Team

DGA’s integrated office security solutions deliver unmatched protection for your facility, employees, data and equipment.

Solutions for Offices

Whether you run a business with one office or a larger company with offices nationwide, DGA can provide you with intelligent protection including intrusion systems to secure your facility, access control to manage access to sensitive areas, and video surveillance for a proof-positive record of events. Our suite of security offerings is backed by our UL Listed monitoring centers. DGA’s customized security and fire systems provide the best and most comprehensive protection you can get for your business.

Intrusion Alarms

DGA intrusion alarm systems are part of an integrated suite of managed services that include access control, video surveillance and fire systems. From installation and training to ongoing monitoring, service and support, we’ll be with you at every step of the way.

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Access Control

Our DGAPass managed access control system is the simplest way to control access to your premises. Grant access to your location and specific areas within your premises by person, day of week, and time of day. Manage your system right from our user-friendly portal. Receive email alerts and view access reports on demand. DGA’s access control system is one more way we make office security simple.

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Video Surveillance

DGA OneVIEW Video Surveillance goes beyond protecting your assets: it helps make your business more efficient. Monitoring your operations in real time, from wherever you are, is a powerful way to ensure employee productivity and safety, as well as proof-positive conflict resolution. Digitally record all video for later retrieval. Professional design, expert installation, and dependable service make DGA the premier digital video surveillance systems provider for offices of every size.

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DGA’s CaseControl lets businesses control access to their file cabinets, cash drawers, equipment lockers and more, limited only to your imagination. CaseControl allows you to specify what each user can unlock and when. Instantly grant or revoke access to any user at any time of day through our user-friendly web portal.

24/7 Monitoring

Most security companies outsource their monitoring operation to others. With DGA, you have the assurance that all monitoring for your business is performed by DGA’s own expert agents in our UL Listed monitoring centers.

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Nationwide Protection

No matter where your offices are located or how many locations you have, DGA will be there for you. Our reputation for extraordinary customer service and attention to detail has led many of the country’s most respected and iconic companies to select DGA as their national security provider.

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