Access Control

Access Control, Simplified.

DGAPass, our highly secure and simple-to-use managed access control system, lets you activate new cards and set policies right from our user-friendly portal. Receive email alerts and view access reports on demand. DGAPass is one more way we make security simple.

National Accounts: DGA provides local service nationwide.

Manage Building and Office Access

Take the burden of access control off your hands with DGAPass, our fully-managed service that lets you easily control access throughout your organization. Control access to doors, elevators, gates and other points of entry by person, day of week, or time of day. DGAPass is affordable and scalable from the smallest to the largest organizations. Whether you have one location or multiple locations nationwide, find out how DGAPass makes access control simple–and smart.

Control Access with the
Device That Fits Your Business

DGAPass offers a variety of access credentials, including access cards, fobs, and mobile devices, as well as fingerprint and other biometric readers. Let DGA implement an access control solution that perfectly meets the requirements of your business.

Smartphone Access Control

DGA is leading innovation with our award-winning DGAPass Mobile Access solution that enables your organization to answer end-user demand for convenience and choice. Extending access control functionality to a smartphone allows end-users to securely and conveniently access the workplace using their mobile device as their credential. From the front door, to the back room, and more, DGAPass Mobile Access helps organizations meet the growing demand for convenience in a mobile-first world.

Remote Management

Our DGAPass Access Portal lets you manage your Passholders 24 hours a day from wherever you are. You will be able to see all your current Passholders, add/delete/modify them as necessary, remotely unlock doors and run card history reports. Should you need assistance, DGA Customer Care agents are always available.

Lower Cost of Ownership

With DGA as your partner, your costs will be fixed and far less than if you attempted to administer and maintain an access control system yourself. You will be freed from all service and related computer maintenance costs. Software updates will be provided at no cost. DGA is responsible for keeping your system working perfectly, always.

On Duty 24/7

When you have DGAPass, you will always have total control of your system. You will be able to focus on your business rather than having to deal with administering your system. With DGA as your partner, you won’t need specially trained in-house staff dedicated to this task. Question? Problem? DGA Customer Care will be there for you every day, around the clock.

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Redundant Facilities

Considered a model in the industry, DGA’s hosting centers are the most advanced of their kind. Every system in our state of the art facilities is fully redundant, including power generation, telephony, and Internet connectivity. Our centers are listed by Underwriters Laboratories and have received the Five Diamond rating from the TMA, it’s highest rating. DGA’s network of interconnected hosting centers ensures complete reliability of your system.

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Protect Valuable Inventory
with CaseControl

DGAPass CaseControl lets authorized individuals easily unlock file cabinets, cash drawers, display cases, and equipment lockers. It allows you to specify what each user can unlock and when. Instantly and simply grant or revoke access to any user at any time. Discover why CaseControl is a quantum leap forward in security and access tracking.

Visitor Management

Our DGAPass Visitor Management Suite (VMS) enhances your access control management by providing a simple and effective way to register, badge and track visitors. Generate detailed visitor traffic reports and enforce visitor/contractor security policies. Whether you are a multi-floor office building or a large corporate facility, the DGAPass VMS will provide the visitor control that today’s business demands.

Nationwide Service

No matter how many locations you may have or where they are located in North America, DGA will be there for you. Our reputation for system reliability, extraordinary customer service and attention to detail is why many of the country’s most respected businesses select DGA as their national access control provider. DGA provides local service…nationwide.

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24/7 Service and Support

To us, real security isn’t just about technology. It’s about dedicated people answering your questions and delivering timely, dependable service to you, every day. When you call DGA, you’ll speak with someone who knows your name and has intimate knowledge of your business and your security system.

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Digital Tools That Give You Control Wherever You Are

DGA’s mobile apps and web portals give you the power to manage your business security systems from anywhere, at any time. These easy-to-use tools are another way DGA makes security smarter.

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