Elevator Emergency Communications

Trust DGA with Fully Compliant
Elevator Communications Systems

DGA provides a complete code-compliant solution to elevator communications, from system installation to service and monitoring. We’ll ensure that you continue to be compliant with all governmental codes and laws as changes occur.

Elevator Emergency Communication

DGA uses its own 24/7 monitoring center—not outsourced monitoring—to keep watch on your elevator system and respond quickly to emergencies. In the event of an emergency call, the communication system automatically identifies the building and the elevator cab number to DGA. Our certified monitoring center agents summon help while staying in communication with the elevator occupants.

Meet ADA and
Other Applicable Regulations

The federal Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and many states amd municipalities have strict requirements for elevator emergency communications systems. DGA is a leading supplier of code-compliant systems. We’ll keep you compliant with the latest regulations while managing every phase of your system, from installation to service and monitoring. Let DGA keep your elevators in compliance.

Get Peace of Mind
with 24/7 Monitoring

DGA’s UL Listed monitoring center is staffed around the clock by our team of certified monitoring associates. It means you’ll always get a fast, professional response, whether you have an emergency or just a question. Every system in our industry-recognized facility is fully redundant, including power, telephony, and data connectivity. Secure, reliable monitoring by knowledgeable, experienced professionals: It’s what true security is all about–and what DGA delivers.

Safeguard My Facility and Staff

DGA’s single focus is protecting your business end-to-end. We do it with next-generation security technology backed by round-the-clock service and support by a dedicated team of professionals. Find out why thousands of business owners trust DGA to keep their facilities and staff secure, with customized solutions that include industry-leading intrusion systems, award-winning 24/7 monitoring, managed video surveillance and access control systems, fire systems, and more.

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Digital Tools That Give You Control Wherever You Are

DGA’s mobile apps and web portals give you the power to manage your business security systems from anywhere, at any time. These easy-to-use tools are another way DGA makes security smarter.

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