Jewelry Business Security

Safeguard Your Jewelry
Business with DGA

DGA is the preeminent provider of security system services for jewelry firms in the United States.

Solutions for Your Jewelry Business

Each year, DGA installs more UL Central Station Alarm Systems for jewelry businesses than any other company in the United States. Our UL Listed systems are recognized by every jewelry insurer. DGA’s customized system, integrating intrusion detection, video monitoring and access control, is the most comprehensive solution for the jewelry industry.

Intrusion Alarms

DGA is the most respected provider of security system services for jewelry firms in the United States. DGA intrusion alarm systems are part of an integrated suite of managed services that include access control, and video surveillance. With DGA’s ongoing monitoring, service and support, your jewelry business will be safeguarded around the clock.

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Video Surveillance

DGA OneVIEW Video Surveillance goes beyond protecting your jewelry business: it helps you operate more efficiently. Monitoring your operations in real time, from wherever you are, is a powerful way to ensure employee and customer safety while additionally supervising employee productivity and customer care. Digitally record all transactions and customer interactions for later retrieval. Professional design, expert unobtrusive installation, and dependable service make DGA the leading provider of digital video surveillance systems to the jewelry industry.

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Access Control

Our DGAPass managed access control system is the simplest way to control access within your premises. Limit access to safe rooms, work areas and offices. Control access by person, day of week, and time of day. Manage your system right from our user-friendly portal. Receive email alerts and view access reports on demand. DGA’s access control system is one more way we make security simple.

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DGA SafeSentry

Developed by DGA especially for the jewelry industry, SafeSentry allows businesses to control access to their safes during the day after they have been unlocked. Authorized users get quick access to safes with the use of a access card or fob. Safes are held closed by a specially developed electromagnetic locking system. SafeSentry is not a substitute for a closed-hours safe security system.

DGA GemControl

With DGA GemControl, employees present an electronic fob at a display case or drawer and in a fraction of a second they are authenticated and the case unlocks. You specify which displays and drawers an employee can open, and at what times of day. GemControl is the most effective way to protect inventory from internal shrinkage and customer theft.

DGA CaseControl

DGA’s CaseControl lets authorized individuals use electronic fobs to easily unlock file cabinets, cash drawers, display cases, and equipment lockers. It allows you to specify what each user can unlock and when. Instantly grant or revoke access to any user at any time of day through our user-friendly web portal. Discover why CaseControl is a quantum leap forward in security and tracking for jewelry businesses.

24/7 Monitoring

Most security companies outsource their monitoring operations. With a DGA security system, you have the assurance that all monitoring for your business is performed by DGA’s own agents in our own UL Listed monitoring centers.

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National Accounts

No matter where you are located or how many locations you have, DGA will be there for you. Our reputation for extraordinary customer service, jewelry specific system design and attention to detail has led many of the country’s most respected and iconic jewelry companies to select DGA as their national security provider.

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Secure Vault Storage

In New York, DGA maintains our own highly secure vault conveniently located in the city’s jewelry district, offering flexible storage options, an impeccably maintained business environment, viewing rooms and conference rooms as well as all professional amenities.