Art Gallery Security Systems

DGA Keeps Art Galleries
Safe from Theft and Fire

DGA offers customized solutions to protect galleries and museums and their high-value inventory, discretely and effectively.

Solutions for Art Galleries

No company is more experienced than DGA in providing specialized security solutions to the art world. In the United States, DGA systems protect billions of dollars’ worth of art for the leading art galleries, auction houses and museums. The world’s largest art insurers all recognize DGA as a leader in art protection. DGA is your solution for comprehensive art security.

Intrusion Alarms

DGA provides comprehensive intrusion detection for art galleries, museums and auction houses. Your locations will be monitored at DGA’s award winning 24-hour UL Listed monitoring stations. Our certified agents will keep you informed of all critical events.

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Access Control

Our DGAPass managed access control system is the simplest way to control access within your premises. Grant access to specific areas by person, day of week, and time of day. Restrict access to back of house areas. Manage your system right from our user-friendly portal. Receive email alerts and view access reports on demand. DGA’s access control system is one more way we make security simple.

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Video Surveillance

DGA’s OneVIEW Video Surveillance system goes beyond protecting your assets: it helps you run your business. Monitoring your operations in real time from any location is a powerful way to ensure employee productivity and safety. All video is digitally stored and easily viewed at a later time, providing proof-positive legal evidence. Our professional design and expert installation–always sensitive to the industry’s unique requirements–have made DGA the most trusted video surveillance systems provider to the art world.

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24/7 Monitoring

Most security companies outsource their monitoring operations. With DGA fire and security systems, you have the assurance that all monitoring is performed by DGA’s own agents in our UL Listed monitoring centers. Call at any time of the day or night and know you are speaking to a dedicated DGA employee.

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Environment Monitoring

Environmental threats such as water, humidity and extreme temperature can be as great a threat to your works of art as theft or fire. DGA can install specialized systems to detect these dangers before they cause damage.

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Fire Systems

DGA provides design, installation, monitoring, inspection and service for your fire alarm systems. Our technology is backed by our exceptional team of fire alarm professionals. Our FDNY UL Approved monitoring centers provide the immediate response critical to effective fire and sprinkler protection.

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Special Exhibits

Special exhibits of unique, high-value works of art often require specially designed security installations. DGA has decades of experience in the design and implementation of these systems.

Object Protection

DGA can design and install a system that protects individual works of art throughout your facility, during both open and closed hours. In the event of an attempted theft, the system immediately alerts you, either with an audible signal or silently through DGA’s unique art pager system.

National Accounts: DGA provides local service nationwide.