Security and Fire Systems For Hotels

DGA Meets Hotel Security and Fire
Challenges with Customized Solutions

DGA has the experience and specialized expertise to meet hotel security and fire challenges head on.

Solutions for Hotels

Hotels require specialized systems to protect their facility from security and fire threats. DGA has over 50 years of experience developing integrated, customized, unobtrusive solutions for the hospitality industry. No one brings more hotel fire and security experience to the table than DGA.

Security Systems

Specific areas of your hotel, such as liquor storage rooms, gift shop storage, and high-value food and exhibit areas, require their own security plans with 24-hour security-system protection. DGA will assist you in designing and installing customized, easy-to-use systems that provide comprehensive security for your facility. Your locations will be monitored at DGA’s award winning 24-hour UL Listed monitoring stations, with our own certified agents keeping you informed of all critical events.

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Access Control

Our DGAPass managed access control system is the simplest way to maintain separation of public and back-of-house spaces at your hotel. Access can be granted by person, day of week, and time of day. Implement unique access control plans for specific high-security areas. Manage your system right from our user-friendly portal. Receive email alerts and view access reports on demand. DGA’s access control system is one more way we make hotel security simple.

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Video Surveillance

DGA OneVIEW Video Surveillance goes beyond protecting your hotel: it helps make your business more efficient. Monitoring your operations in real time, from wherever you are, is a powerful way to ensure employee and guest safety while additionally supervising employee productivity and guest care. All video can be easily viewed and downloaded on demand. Professional design, expert installation, and dependable service make DGA the premier digital video surveillance systems provider to the hotel industry.

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Fire Systems

Hotels trust DGA as their source for reliable, code-compliant fire alarm systems, from design and installation to 24/7 monitoring and ongoing service and support. DGA is experienced in providing test and repair services to hotels. We work in coordination with your facilities team to ensure no interruption of your hospitality mission.

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24/7 Monitoring

Most security companies outsource their monitoring operation. With DGA, you have the assurance that all monitoring for your facility is performed by DGA’s own expert agents in our UL Listed monitoring centers, all located in the United States.

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Nationwide Service

No matter where your hotels are located or how many you have, DGA will be there for you. Our reputation for extraordinary customer service and attention to detail is why many of the country’s most respected hotel operators select DGA as their national security provider. DGA provides local service…nationwide.

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