Security System Monitoring

Security System Monitoring by DGA

Most security companies outsource their monitoring operation. With DGA, you have the assurance that all monitoring for your business is performed by DGA’s own agents in our own UL Listed monitoring centers.

National Accounts: DGA provides local service nationwide.

Reliability Achieved with DGA's Nationwide Network of Redundant Monitoring Centers

Considered a model in the industry, DGA’s monitoring centers are the most advanced of their kind. Every system in our state-of-the-art facilities is fully redundant, including power generation, telephony, and Internet connectivity. Our network of interconnected monitoring centers ensures complete reliability in the protection of your business.

Monitoring Excellence Certified
by Underwriters Laboratories

Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) was founded in 1894 to provide testing services and ensure public safety. UL examines and tests devices, systems and material to determine how their performance affects life, fire, casualty, hazards and crime prevention. UL Certification is proof that our listed alarm systems meet the stringent standards of UL. DGA has UL Listings in all critical security and fire alarm categories. We will be able to fulfill any insurance company UL requirement.

DGA has additionally been recognized by UL with the coveted UL 2050 certification, which accredits us to install, maintain and monitor security systems for US Department of Defense facilities and other government facilities that house classified materials, personnel and military equipment. DGA is one of only a select few monitoring centers to receive this designation.

DGA's Response Agents
Dispatched to Your Location
with AgentCheck

You can’t always count on the police to provide a timely response to an alarm event. With DGA AgentCheck, our highly trained response agents will be quickly dispatched to your location in the event of an alarm. Be assured that each alarm event will receive a full and professional investigation. Speak to your DGA representative to see if AgentCheck is available in your area. AgentCheck is one more way DGA helps keep your business protected.

Safeguard Your Facility and Staff

DGA’s single focus is protecting your business. We do it with next-generation security technology backed by round-the-clock service and support by a dedicated team of professionals. Find out why thousands of business owners trust DGA to keep their facilities and staff secure, with customized solutions that include intrusion systems, managed video surveillance, access control systems, fire systems, and more, all backed by our award-winning monitoring centers.

Respond to Fail-to-Close Situations Instantly on Your Mobile Device

DGA Dispatch

In the event you fail to arm your system for the night, DGA Dispatch has you covered. In a fail-to-close situation, your emergency notification list will receive a text message containing a link to the DGA Dispatch tool. Tap the link to enter a secure group chat with the other list members to address the situation. If you want to extend your closing time, you can do some right from within the DGA Dispatch tool. Our Monitoring Associates will notify you only if your system remains unarmed after the new closing time.