Fire Alarm System Monitoring

Fire Alarm System Monitoring by DGA

Most fire alarm companies outsource their monitoring operation to others. With a DGA fire system, you have the assurance that all monitoring is performed by DGA’s own staff at our FDNY approved UL Listed monitoring centers.

FDNY Approved Central Stations

Our UL Listed monitoring centers are among the select few approved by the Fire Department of the City of New York to monitor fire alarm systems. Join the thousands of businesses and institutions that trust DGA for reliable fire systems, service and monitoring.

Network Fire Monitoring

DGA offers approved Internet-based IP Fire Monitoring. Multiple independent transmission paths provide full signal redundancy. Our IP monitoring system is reliable, fast, and saves you money by eliminating costly phone lines.

Fire Sprinkler Monitoring

DGA monitors your sprinkler system operation. If a sprinkler head is activated, our agents will dispatch the fire department and notify you immediately. DGA also supervises other critical components of your system to ensure that the system is ready to perform when needed. Trust DGA to manage every element of your fire system.

Meet My Business Insurance Requirements

Many insurance policies require code compliant fire alarm systems at the insured premises. Some policies also offer a premium discount when a system is installed. Join the family of businesses and institutions that rely on DGA to provide fire system solutions that meet insurance company requirements.

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The DGA Mobile app puts the power in your hands to manage your fire systems from anywhere. Discover how our tools keep you informed and help you take charge of your fire safety and your business.

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