Fire Alarm System Test and Inspection Service

Let DGA Keep You Code Compliant

Your business’s compliance with fire system codes and regulations requires regular testing of your system. In over 50 years of fire system testing, DGA has developed procedures that meet or exceed regulatory requirements. Join the thousands of businesses that rely on DGA for code-compliant fire alarm inspection services.

Streamline Fire
Testing and Inspection

Businesses are required to have their fire system regularly tested and inspected. DGA streamlines the process by electronically scanning every device in the system during an inspection which generates easy-to-read reports verifying that the test was performed completely and according to code.

Get Fire System Approvals Faster

DGA will guide you through the complete fire system approval process. Our years of experience with all processes involved will help you avoid the pitfalls and costly delays that impact others. With DGA, you will have the confidence of knowing that every detail is done right the first time, every time, resulting in faster approvals.

Access Your System from Anywhere

The DGA Mobile app puts the power in your hands to manage your fire systems from anywhere. Discover how our tools keep you informed and help you take charge of your fire safety and your business.

  • Put your systems on test
  • Manage your emergency notification lists
  • Request service
  • And much more!
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