Cannabis Security

DGA Safeguards the
Cannabis Industry

DGA has a proven record of keeping businesses in the cannabis industry secure and in compliance with all applicable regulations.

Solutions for the Cannabis Industry

Businesses involved in manufacturing, cultivation, dispensing and other aspects of the cannabis industry need to stay compliant with ever-changing laws and regulations. DGA stays on top of the laws of each state to ensure that your security systems meet these regulatory requirements at all times. DGA is a fully integrated, full-service security systems provider, from custom design and installation to around-the-clock monitoring by our own UL Listed Monitoring Centers.

Intrusion Alarms

DGA will design an intrusion alarm system that protects your facility with effective easy to use systems. Government regulations impose specific security requirements on the cannabis industry. DGA installs systems that are fully compliant and tracks these regulations to make certain that you remain compliant. Your locations will be monitored at DGA’s award-winning 24-hour UL Listed monitoring stations. Our certified agents keep you informed of all critical events.

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Access Control

Our DGAPass managed access control system is the simplest way to control movement throughout your premises. Access can be granted by security level, day of week, and time of day. Implement a unique access control plan for each security area. Manage your system right from our user-friendly portal. Receive email alerts and view access reports on demand.

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Video Surveillance

DGA’s OneVIEW Integrated Video System (IVS) gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your surveillance system is working properly and in compliance with regulations. Regularly emailed system and event reports show the status of critical indicators vital to a properly functioning surveillance system. Monitor your operations in real time, on premises or from wherever you are. All video can be easily viewed and downloaded on demand. Professional design, expert installation, and dependable service make DGA the premier digital video surveillance systems provider to the cannabis industry.

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Environment Monitoring

Environmental threats like excess humidity, temperature and water can be as harmful to businesses as theft or fire. Let DGA protect your equipment and inventory from these issues as well as issues unique to the cannabis industry before they become liabilities.

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24/7 Monitoring

Most security companies outsource their monitoring operation. With DGA, you have the assurance that all monitoring for your facility is performed by DGA’s own expert agents in our UL Listed monitoring centers, all located in the United States.

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Nationwide Service

No matter where your locations are or how many you have or how remote they may be, DGA is there for you. Our reputation for extraordinary customer service and attention to detail is why successful companies in the cannabis industry choose DGA as their security provider. DGA provides local service…nationwide.

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