Secure My Inventory

Keep Your Inventory Safe
and Protected with DGA

DGA’s experience in protecting high-value inventory is unmatched in the industry. Learn how our managed, integrated solutions can dramatically and simply safeguard your business assets.

Keep an Eye on Your Inventory with Remote Video Surveillance

With DGA OneVIEW web and mobile tools, you can look in on your locations, review archived video, and control your system settings from anywhere. Never be disappointed with unavailable video because of a malfunctioning system. You will be immediately informed of any potential operational issues via emailed reports and real-time Health Alerts. Find out how OneVIEW makes it easy to manage your video surveillance system proactively across your entire business.

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Protect High Value Inventory with CaseControl and GemControl

Internal theft and shoplifting are the most common causes of shrinkage. DGA’s exclusive GemControl and CaseControl systems are proven effective ways to combat these very real problems. Only authenticated users can unlock cases and drawers and every access attempt is logged. Instantly grant or revoke access to any user at any time. Different users can have different access levels. Discover why these powerful tools are the toughest defense you can get against inventory theft.

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Protect Your Inventory
from Environmental Threats
with Environment Monitoring

Environmental threats such as extreme temperatures, humidity, and water can be as harmful to your business as theft or fire. DGA can detect and alert you to these dangers before they damage your equipment and inventory.

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Get Peace of Mind
with 24/7 Monitoring

Most security companies outsource their monitoring operations. With DGA, you have the assurance of knowing that your system is monitored by our own highly trained agents at our own UL-Listed monitoring centers. No matter what day or time of day you call us, you will always be speaking to a DGA employee. DGA has been recognized by The Monitoring Association (TMA) as a “Central Station of the Year” for demonstrating the highest level of professionalism and exceptional service to its customers.

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Digital Tools That Give You Control Wherever You Are

DGA’s mobile apps and web portals give you the power to manage your business security systems from anywhere, at any time. These easy-to-use tools are another way DGA makes security smarter.

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