Environment Monitoring

DGA Protects You from Threats-
Like the Environment

Environmental threats such as extreme temperatures, humidity, and water can be as harmful to your business as theft or fire. DGA can detect and alert you to these dangers before they damage your equipment and inventory.

Protect Your Equipment
with Environment Monitoring

Your business systems are too important to leave unprotected from environmental threats like water, humidity, and extreme temperatures. DGA’s UL-Listed Monitoring Centers will notify you as soon as a threat is detected.

SecureRoom Installations

DGA SecureRoom protects areas that house valuable inventory and equipment with a combination of access control, video surveillance and environment monitoring. You’ll be notified in the event of water presence or temperature and humidity that fall outside preset ranges. Safeguard your stockrooms, utility areas, and other sensitive spaces. We’ll help you choose the services that are right for your business.

Protect Your Critical
Business Systems

Your server room is your company’s nerve center. Damage and vandalism to critical business systems would be devastating to your organization. DGA will protect your systems from environmental and security threats. We help you choose the services that best address your needs including access control to monitor and restrict entry, video surveillance to record activity, and environment monitoring to notify you of temperature and water danger. Let DGA’s expert consultants design a solution that’s right for you.

Get Peace of Mind
with 24/7 Monitoring

DGA’s UL Listed monitoring centers are staffed around the clock by our team of certified monitoring associates so you’ll always get a fast, professional response, whether you have an emergency or just a question. Every system in our industry-recognized facility is fully redundant, including power, telephony, and data connectivity. Secure, reliable monitoring by knowledgeable, experienced professionals: It’s what true security is all about, and what DGA delivers.

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Secure My Inventory

DGA’s experience in protecting high-value merchandise is unmatched in the industry. Learn how our managed, integrated solutions can dramatically and simply secure your inventory.

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Digital Tools That Give You Control Wherever You Are

DGA’s mobile apps and web portals give you the power to manage your business security systems from anywhere, at any time. These easy-to-use tools are another way DGA makes security smarter.

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