Underwriters Laboratories

DGA’s credentials, expertise and experience ensure that your security system, regardless of the industry, will be up to UL standards.

Excellence in Installation, Service and Monitoring

Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (UL) was founded in 1894 to provide testing services and ensure public safety. UL examines and tests devices, systems and material to determine how their performance affects life, fire, casualty, hazards and crime prevention. The company offers safety certification programs for products proven to meet all of UL’s standards. DGA is UL Listed for Central Station Burglar Alarm Systems, Central Station Protective Signaling Service, Mercantile Burglar Alarm Systems and National Industrial Security Systems.

Becoming UL Listed is not an easy process; a company must hold itself to the highest safety standards set forth by UL. To receive a UL Listing, an alarm monitoring center must undergo an inspection that analyzes every element of its operation. Inspectors examine equipment, operations, staff performance, safety training procedures, power and generator backup, and much more. Once the monitoring center has passed inspection, it must then maintain those safety standards and be re-inspected every six months to retain its listing.

Adhering to the Highest Standards

DGA has been UL Listed for over 20 years; meeting, maintaining and updating the most stringent safety standards set forth by UL. From our monitoring associates to our backup servers and generators, every aspect of DGA’s monitoring center has been inspected and certified by UL to keep your business safe.

If you run a business within certain industries, such as a jewelry store, designer boutique, art gallery, law firm or financial services company, your insurance company may require that your security system meet standards set by UL. Many companies must have their security system installed by a UL Listed company and have that system monitored by a UL listed monitoring center. A security system installed, serviced, and monitored by a UL Listed company is an insurer’s tool to reduce the likelihood of a claim. It supplies insurance providers with a reliable way to determine that your space is protected by a security system which meets all applicable nationally recognized safety codes and performance standards as verified by global safety science leader, Underwriters Laboratory.